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SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices  **SALE PRICE**

SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices **SALE PRICE**

Our 4-tier Convertible Spice Carousel is a unique and very versatile design. Tough ABS plastic is completely dishwasher safe. Overall, 11 modes can be attained in the 4 different levels.

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Weber's Bold'n Smokey Chipotle Seasoning mixes the traditional smokey flavor of chipotle chiles with bold spices. Use this spice to enhance your barbequed chicken and pork meals. **This spice is identical to the TONES SW Chipotle that was originally found in the Sam's Club. **Made with 100% Sea Salt

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          Sugar Free

          bag of candyWelcome to your Candy Shop! The candy specialists at YourFoodStore.com created this unique online catalog just for you!

          Because of our background in the candy and food business, YourFoodStore.com is in a unique position to provide you with the widest array of candies on the planet! The hottest new kids' candy, interactive candy, nostalgic candy, and yes, even some very select chocolates all can be found within our candy catalog.

          As you enter your Candy Shop, you may be struck with some serious questions like, “What the heck is 'interactive candy'? or “Are adults allowed to eat kids' candy?” Rest easy because Your Food Store can answer these and all your candy questions for you!

          Interactive candy combines the fun of candy with the play value of a toy. For example, one of the first interactive candies was the Spin Pop. The Spin Pop put play value into the traditional lollipop by mechanically spinning the pop on your tongue! This phenomenon has now “matured” over time into items like the Cool Pop Fan, Etch-a-Sketch candy, and Paint Brush Shop... all of which can be found inside your Candy Shop. As far as adults eating kids' candy, the answer is an emphatic YES! Why? Because when it comes to candy, everyone is a kid!

          Candy is a universal treat. Throughout time, candy has held a special place in our hearts. Whether you enjoy it by yourself, share it with a friend or give it to a loved one, candy is guaranteed to make you feel good and bring a smile to your face.

          Why? Because it's fun!

          Enjoy the treat, enjoy the fun, and enjoy your Candy Shop!

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