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Your Food Store :: Spices :: Durkee :: Foodservice :: Spices, Herbs, & Seasonings :: Pepper, Black Coarse 25 lbs

Pepper, Black Coarse 25 lbs  
Pepper, Black Coarse 25 lbs
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A coarsely ground black pepper that is slightly coarser than Restaurant Black Pepper. The mesh size for Black Coarse Pepper is 16; the higher the mesh size the finer the grind of pepper. This product is relative in size to large pretzel salt. The taste of black pepper should be pungent and felt at the back of the throat and tongue. There should be a slight, but not overwhelming, burn to this taste. The aroma of black pepper is best described as warm and musty.

Good for peppercorn sauces & dressings, pasta salads and soups. Adds bite when sprinkled on green salads. Makes an appealing seasoning rub for prime rib roasts, roast pork loin, turkey breasts or steaks.

Add to food where well-dispersed pepper flavor and visual appearance is desired. Add to food during cooking or sprinkle on after cooking. Use a dash to 1/8 teaspoon per serving.

SKU 40057
Quantity in stock 1000 item(s) available
Weight 25.00 lbs
Price: $382.70


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