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SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices  **SALE PRICE**

SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices **SALE PRICE**

Our 4-tier Convertible Spice Carousel is a unique and very versatile design. Tough ABS plastic is completely dishwasher safe. Overall, 11 modes can be attained in the 4 different levels.

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Weber's Bold'n Smokey Chipotle Seasoning mixes the traditional smokey flavor of chipotle chiles with bold spices. Use this spice to enhance your barbequed chicken and pork meals. **This spice is identical to the TONES SW Chipotle that was originally found in the Sam's Club. **Made with 100% Sea Salt

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Spice Islands

bag of spicesWelcome to the Spices category of YourFoodStore.com! The spice specialists at YourFoodStore.com created this unique online catalog just for you.

As a sophisticated "e-consumer", you have many choices for spices. It is our hope that YourFoodStore.com will become your new online source for spices, both now and into the future.

Because of our background as both a spice broker and distributor in the food business, YourFoodStore.com is in a unique position to bring you the very best the world of spices has to offer. We bring you spices from all over the world — like saffron from Spain, vanilla from Madagascar & Mexico, and marjoram from France. YourFoodStore.com is committed to bringing the flavors of the world to you!

Established brands like French's, Tones, and Durkee are our headliners in the Spices category. These brands encompass items from A to Z. From the unusual (Arrowroot & Ground Coriander) to the easily recognizable (Salts & Peppers), YourFoodStore.com has them all. By the way, did you know that Coriander is mentioned in the Bible? Or that Arrowroot was originally used to heal tribesmen shot by poison arrows?

YourFoodStore.com's Spice category is set up in such convenient sub-sections as Sauces and Mixes, Gravies and Seasonings... just like the Spice department in a traditional grocery store! We've done this to ensure you an easy ordering experience.

We all know that the freshest possible spices guarantee the best dining outcomes. We work hard to bring you the freshest possible product so that you can prepare that special meal for your friends and family with confidence.

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