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SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices  **SALE PRICE**

SPICE CAROUSEL-holds up to 24 spices **SALE PRICE**

Our 4-tier Convertible Spice Carousel is a unique and very versatile design. Tough ABS plastic is completely dishwasher safe. Overall, 11 modes can be attained in the 4 different levels.

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Weber's Bold'n Smokey Chipotle Seasoning mixes the traditional smokey flavor of chipotle chiles with bold spices. Use this spice to enhance your barbequed chicken and pork meals. **This spice is identical to the TONES SW Chipotle that was originally found in the Sam's Club. **Made with 100% Sea Salt

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Au jus gravy mix 0.05 lbs.$1.80
Beef stew seasoning mix 24/case 0.10 lbs.$1.90
Brown gravy mix 0.05 lbs.$1.10
Buffalo wing-hot 0.11 lbs.$2.30
Buffalo wing-mild 0.11 lbs.$2.30
Chicken gravy mix 0.06 lbs.$1.70
Chili-o original 18/case 0.11 lbs.$1.50
Chili-o, texas style 0.11 lbs.$1.60
Country gravy mix 0.17 lbs.$1.60
Fajitas seasoning mix 0.06 lbs.$1.30
Meat loaf seasoning mix 24/case 0.09 lbs.$1.90
Onion gravy mix 0.06 lbs.$1.60
Pork gravy mix 0.05 lbs.$1.70
Sloppy joe seasoning mix 24/case 0.09 lbs.$1.50
Spaghetti, italian sauce mix 24/case 0.08 lbs.$1.60
Taco seasoning 24/case 0.08 lbs.$1.10
Turkey gravy mix 0.05 lbs.$1.70

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